About us

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Our Mission

Our mission as a brand is more than our product guarantee, it is our commitment to providing an excellent experience for our customers, our philosophy on how we do business is symbolic of how we care for our team, our community, the natural environment and most importantly, each other.

At les Patrons our guiding principles are simple, our aim is to create great products for our customers, cultivate great relationships and inspire them to live extraordinary lives on their own terms.

Our Story

Launched in Montreal in 2016 by Kevin Catin, Les Patrons was born from the belief that with hard work and trust in yourself you can control your own destiny. Having a deep passion for design and after spending extreme amounts of money on other designer brands, he felt it was time for him to try his hands at designing his own clothes to express his true self and style, and the hopes that others would appreciate and enjoy as well. The inspiration for Les Patrons grew from his inner need, deep love and innate talent for design.

His purpose for the brand is to build and inspire a community through fashion, design, music, sports, and education, and to drive culture by sparking conversations for collaborations, to inspire the dream of a better life through working together, taking risks, overcoming adversity, authenticity and standing up for what you believe in.

With a strong focus on simple yet powerful designs, Les Patrons brand is driven to create timeless designs by portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely their own.

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The Collection

Every design we make seeks to blur the line between luxury and streetwear, each collection is infused with a sense of individuality, simplicity, confidence, and a retro nostalgia that consistently feels fresh—adding our singular take on throwback style through extremely specific cultural touch tones, that somehow always look like something new.

In a world where we are coerced into constantly redressing our look and style, our collection offers a chance for each of our customers to feel a sense of realness, individuality, and power, coupled with our belief that with integrity, leadership, family and support you can own the world and everything in it.


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